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Be ready to sing at the top of your lungs, see family members dropping it low that usually "don't like to dance," and a smoothly run party from beginning to end.  It starts with our DJ's arriving in more than enough time to set up, scope out the setting for your event, and get everything lined up so the minute your first guest steps through the doorway, music and lights have already started!


A little about us though.  We've been around since 2010.   What started out as a side gig on the weekends for fun has developed into a fully operational and trustworthy DJ company that provides entertainment to hundreds of people on a weekly basis through our parties and weekday attractions.  We promise you that your guests will absolutely love what we bring to the table!


Sometimes people will ask us "what's the difference between you and another DJ company?"  The biggest difference between us and other companies is that at Events Done Right Tampa Bay, we care about our clients.  Your not just "another event on our calendar".  By the end of the night, we might become best friends with your uncle at your wedding.  We might have you're principal behind our setup pretending to DJ.  We'll get to know you on a first name basis at our Trivia Nights.  Without you, there is no us.  We understand that and that's why we appreciate your business.  


You'll come to find out that we are also big on the details.  We don't just send our DJ's to a party or celebration without knowing what's going on.  Our DJ's will call you days in advance to introduce themselves, talk to you about your party and see if we can provide any suggestions on how to make it an even bigger bash than the one that's already planned.  Again, we care about you AND we care about your guests.

We invite you to take some time and look at our past client reviews.  We wear these reviews as huge badges of honor in the DJ community.  You'll see a common theme in every review.   We like to have fun.   And we want you and your guests to have fun.  We always suggest doing a thorough review process before selecting and hiring your DJ.  It's a known fact. 


The DJ can make or break the party.  Any DJ can play the Cha Cha Slide.  We keep the dance floor moving all night long.  Whether it's your older guests telling us to "Shout" or the younger crowd chanting, "To the window, to the wall...." our DJ's keep your party rocking!  We repeat, we interact with your guests.


We've attached links below to all of our reviews.  Take a look and then please give us a call.  We would love to talk with you and get to know you as well.  Let us help make sure your next event or party is DONE RIGHT!


Please take a moment to check out our reviews...

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