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Not only do we specialize in making your party come to life but we can also bring energy, excitement and more importantly, customers, to your restaurant or bar.


Events Done Right has slowly grown into one of the more recognizable trivia companies in the Tampa Bay area.  We are at multiple establishments EVERY night of the week with our very personable trivia hosts providing entertainment to your customers.  It is a known fact that we bring back REPEAT BUSINESS week after week!


Some trivia companies out there will drive your patrons away because of the "style" of game they play.  Nobody, and let us repeat this, NOBODY wants to hear somebody talking on a microphone for 3 hours straight.  NOBODY.  Those hosts start sounding like the Charlie Brown school teacher after the first 10 minutes.  Our games are long enough to entertain your guests during dinner and cocktails, but quick enough for them to enjoy it enough to make a weekly return!

If trivia's not your thing, no worries!  We can still help your business grow with our Bingo Night or Karaoke Night.  We've remixed your typical bingo game to make it as appealing as our trivia nights.  Or maybe your looking for a little more action out of your spot and not so much sitting around?  Let us give your customers the chance to be a rock star for the night with our wide Karaoke selection!  Brand new is our Music Bingo game titled "Listen Up, Down & Across!"  Our customers are RAVING about this game!  Personalize your night with certain themed games and watch your entire establishment sing like they were in the shower!!! Inquire today to see how we can bring this to your business or party!


Either choice you make, it's entertaining your consumers the RIGHT way! 

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We will bring you a crowd!


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