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Turn a birthday party into one of the best you've ever had!  Let's relive your wedding day on your anniversary!  We can supply a cool playlist for either function, along with dance floor lighting that will enhance your celebration.

If it's a birthday party (kid or adult), we actually have a huge list of games that we can suggest to you to incorporate and mix in with your dancing.  Have something special planned for cutting the cake?  Let us add some suggestions whether it be a song or funny sound effect.  We can help take a simple tradition like singing "Happy Birthday" and help turn it into the highlight of the party!


Your anniversary party can be so much more than just sitting around and reminiscing about the years that have gone by.  We can set up your anniversary party to be a more casual form of a wedding.  Or we can just crank up our state of the art sound system and get everybody dancing.  We let it be your call!  We give you options and then you let us know the best way you want to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

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Party Time
Entertaining Greek Dance
Soul Train Party
Doing The Conga Around Hooters
This Super Hero Party Was In Full Effect
This Guy Was Having Too Much Fun
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