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So your school is having a dance or party and you need a DJ?  You start searching Google or hire the same DJ who's done your school for the past 10 years and sits on a chair and presses buttons.  Let us change your perception of how much fun a school dance can actually be!  Our DJ's come ready to bring the party to your school function, whether it's a Prom or Homecoming, end of year school dance or just simply a fundraiser.  We are INTERACTIVE!!!

"Ok, so your DJ's are interactive.  Why else do schools hire you guys back year after year?"  Simple.  Our music selection.  Our DJ's realize they're in a school setting.  Sure, we know there are a bunch of songs the kids would like to hear that they listen to on their IPODs.  Unfortunately, some of those songs may not be appropriate to play at a school function.  We have a LENGTHY playlist of music that your kids will STILL be up dancing to nonstop, yet won't upset your administration.  School after school asks us, "how did you have you the kids up & dancing the whole time?"  Easy.  We know what works! - click here to get started!


This School Was Having The Time Of Their Lives
Fun For Adults & Kids
This School Knew How To Hit The Quan
Your Whole School Jumping Is Priceless
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